There are fewer moving parts in zero-combustion Mahindra Electric Car models. That translates into lower maintenance costs and less chances of parts failing.

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The starting price for Mahindra’s e-Verito sedan’s D2 base model is Rs 9.5 Lakh. Priced at Rs. 9.75 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh, respectively, are the D4 and D6 models (all prices ex-showroom Delhi). The vehicle is based on Mahindra’s Verito sedan, which has a 1.5-liter diesel engine but struggles to find buyers. The e-Verito only uses electricity, just like the e2o. A three-phase 72V electric motor that generates 41PS of power and 91Nm of torque powers it. The model’s top speed is only listed as being 86 kmph, with a claimed range of 110 km (e2o = 120 km).



It is Cost Effective –

Drive the eVerito, an all-electric vehicle, to save more.

Low Cost Of Maintenance:-

A zero-combustion model has fewer moving parts. This means less risks of parts failing and lower maintenance costs.

Government Incentives:- 

The government agrees that the future of greater mobility solutions lies in all-electric, zero-emission vehicles. When you purchase the eVerito, you are rewarded with a variety of tax breaks and advantages.

Low Running Cost:-

With a running cost of just Rs. 1.15/km, the eVerito outperforms practically all other vehicles. These numbers are used to compute the cost: 18 units of electricity were used, costing Rs. 7.00 per unit, across a 110 kilometre range.

This Car is fully Planet Friendly

Zero Tailpipe Emission:-

This car produces no emissions. This is due to the eVerito’s all-electric design, which eliminates the need for a tailpipe!

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Advanced Technology

Experience futuristic technology that helps set your all-electric eVerito apart from other cars.

REVive Feature:-

This technique, which is patented by Mahindra Electric, reduces range anxiety by providing you with a few more kilometres in case your battery runs out. By contacting us via the vehicle’s instrument panel, you can access REVive.

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Easy To Charge:-

The eVerito can be charged much like a smartphone. You may use the on-board charger by simply plugging it into any standard 15 A outlet. At your home or workplace parking lot, you can charge comfortably whenever you like.

Regenerative Braking:-

With the aid of this technology, you may recharge your vehicle each time you apply the brakes. How is that even possible? The kinetic energy of the car is turned into electric energy and used to charge the electric car each time you apply the brakes or when you don’t use the accelerator.

Remote Diagnostics:-

A central framework receives data from your car’s nearly 190 performance and health-related characteristics that are tracked by the telematics system of the eVerito. This enables us to quickly detect problems and fix them.

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Driving Convenience:

Driving electric just gets better and easier.

Boost Mode:-

You get quick torque to zoom with maximum velocity the moment you activate boost mode.

Spacious Interiors:-

This all-electric car has a stylish interior in addition to a stylish exterior. Enjoy the highest level of luxury in its roomy interiors.

Direct Drive Transmission:-

The eVerito runs on a Direct Drive transmission instead of a traditional gear box, which means there is no clutch! In other words, there is no mechanical reduction at all, resulting in maximum effectiveness and savings.

Features and Technical Specifications table.

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All images And Data Source: Mahindra Electric India

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