Kia’s new electric car EV6

Electric has never been this motivating.

Not only do the wheels of advancement need a new motor or fuel, but also a new mentality. a worldview that acknowledges that eco-friendliness and luxury, or affordability and effectiveness, are not mutually exclusive. Sustainable transportation doesn’t have to be drab. The “E” in “EV” must stand for “Emotion,” not merely “Electric,” as others have suggested.

kia electric car 1


Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)-

By connecting a Vehicle-to-Load connector, the EV6 offers 3.6 kW of electricity when fully charged to power several items both inside and outside.

Kia electric car specification

Ultra-fast Charging-

The Kia EV6’s 10% to 80% charge may be completed in as little as 18 minutes* thanks to its 800V super high-speed charging capacity.


Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)-

The New E-GMP platform introduces a flat floor, facilitating comfort and utility in addition to more power, range, and control.


Electrifying performance:-

The EV6 represents so much more than the Electric, which is in engineering. It conveys the energy that results from its performance. The EV6 is an incredible joy to drive thanks to its 605 Nm of torque from its potent all-electric motor and its low centre of gravity, which provides race-car-like handling.

5.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h. But who’s keeping score?

new look of kia electric car

Drive Modes-

Select between the Normal, Sport, and Eco drive modes. Each mode offers a substantial performance modification to meet the need.

together with a distinct driver interface.

Kia Electric car drive mod

All Wheel Drive-

Superior acceleration and all-weather traction are delivered by the dual motor AWD system. You can enable the switch between AWD and RWD as required in 0.4 seconds.



The EV6 has an extremely streamlined design with active air flaps and aerodynamic improvements.


Inspired yet inspiring-

EV6’s design was influenced by the contrasts between nature and humanity. The situation is more complex than first appears. In addition to having a progressive design language, the unique headlamps also feature the intelligence to automatically change their beam to prevent dazzling approaching vehicles.

kia elelctric car look2

Connected LED Tail Lamps with
Sequential Indicators-

The dynamic curved shape complete LED tail light gives the back of the EV6 a sleek, futuristic appearance.

Body Coloured Exterior Flush Door
Handles – Automatic-

The auto door handles are seamlessly constructed, hidden inside the door, and pop out when you approach it with the smart key.

R19 – 48.74 cm (19”) Alloy Wheels-

The EV6 has a dynamic and distinctive stance thanks to its edgy alloy wheel design and two-tone paint job.



Step into the future-

Entering the EV6 is like entering into an infinitely opulent future. The most immersive experience is provided by a sleek, high-tech cockpit that is driver-focused and equipped with Dual Panoramic Screens, Augmented Reality Head-up Display, and other features. Your excursions become even more hypnotic thanks to the engaging sound system and Active Sound Design.


31.24 cm (12.3”) Curved Touchscreen

Along with being stunning, the integrated curved display provides a truly immersive experience, maximum visibility, and intuitiveness.


31.24 cm (12.3”) Curved Driver Display

The interface clearly displays all relevant data, including range, predicted battery charge time, Vehicle-to-Load status, and much more.


The 14-speaker Meridian Premium Sound System-

The ultimate in aural luxury is the Meridian Premium Sound System. A unique experience is created by 14 speakers to stimulate the senses.


Wide Electric Sunroof-


The roomy dimensions of the Kia EV6 seem to expand with the wide sunroof

kia electric car roof

Driver and Passenger Relaxation Seats-

To provide the occupant with the most relaxation, front chairs can recline to a zero gravity position at the push of a button.


Remote Folding Seats-

Fold the backs of the rear seats down using the conveniently located remote release lever on the cargo space wall to add 1,300 l** of storage space.


Less to search, more to discover-

Let our technology take care of the specifics so you can focus on the journey. The totally electric Kia EV6 allows you to prioritise information so that you can pay more attention to the outside world and spend less time glancing at screens and dials.
This is what distinguishes the EV6 as the most practical electric car on the road.

Augmented Reality Head-up Display-

On the windscreen, important details like speed and lane safety indicators are intuitively projected.


Shift By Wire-

By simply turning the Shift by Wire system dial to the left or right, you can change the gear position.

kia shift by wire

Connected to inspire

With more than 60 innovative features, Kia Connect keeps the EV6 linked to you wherever you go. With access to the complete range of communication, information, and entertainment at any time, it greatly improves driving convenience.

EV Remote Climate Control

The climate continues to be pleasant without harming the ecosystem. Use the Kia Connect application to simply turn on the climate control. Even better based on your convenience, schedule Remote Cooling

EV Remote Charging Control

As soon as the connector is plugged in, you can turn on or off the charging as necessary. Arrange the charge without causing any discomfort.

Surround View Monitoring

Maintain command over the outside world. View a video of the area around your EV6 using the different camera angles.

chart of kia ev

source: Kia India

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